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Before handling ESD-sensitive electronic circuits and components, static charges should be adequately dissipated since friction creates static charges in people and other insulators. The ergonomic design of Monsoon Modular ESD Workstations in Bangalore boosts productivity, and all of its accessories are constructed of ESD-safe materials and appropriately grounded to create an ESD-safe working environment. These top-tier, ESD-safe industrial worktables are built ergonomically and offer all the features needed for productive, comfortable work. With Monsoon modular ESD Tables, you're assured structural modularity, ergonomics and flexibility so you can optimise your work environment.

Using the Right Supplies and Equipment

For small to medium electronics labs and industries handling ESDS boards and components, Monsoon Modular ESD Tables are the ergonomically designed, easiest, and most economical ESD Tables in Bangalore. Before bringing static charges into touch with delicate electronic components and circuits, they should be adequately dissipated, whether they are produced by turbocharging or by friction on people and other insulated materials. Monsoon Modular Basic Series ESD Tables in Hyderabad is a low-cost, ergonomic table that offers a completely ESD safe working environment, enhancing the safety of ESDS components, Users, and increasing productivity.

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The heavy gauge MS sheets and tube structures that make up our Basic series ESD Table provide them more strength and a longer lifespan.

  • Grounding

    The structure, ESD floors, wrist straps, and work surfaces of all Monsoon Modular ESD tables are connected to a common ground point and are suitably grounded.

  • Customization

    We provide complete customization to all our ESD Tables to suit your specific needs.

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