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Different sizes and shapes are available for these ESD Furnitures. Additionally, you can order workstations that are specially made for your needs and specifications. These secure ESD Furniture in Bangalore can close even the smallest gap in the risks associated with electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Your body is protected from electrostatic discharge by ESD workstations, ESD worktables, industrial tables, ESD tables, and anti static workstations, among other things. These goods have a special characteristic that prevents electricity current from entering your body. With the usage of these many ESD Furniture and tables, you can keep your body safe in hazardous workspaces that include ESD activity

Using the Right Supplies and Equipment

These various ESD Furniture in Bangalore and Hyderabad offer engineers, operators, and workers safety in dangerous production areas so they can work easily and comfortably without worrying about getting shocked by an electricity discharge. Therefore, having these ESD Tables and Workstations is really helpful so that you may operate on them safely and conveniently. These safe ESD devices can be customised and come in a variety of sizes and forms, making it simple for commercial companies to select the material type that best meets their needs.

ESD Furniture Manufacturer Bangalore


The bench's surface is crucial to how well the ESD Furnitures functions. Conductive surfaces were employed in the initial designs for ESD-protected Furnitures in Bangalore.

  • High impedance prevents short circuits

    Any connections on the conductive surface will short out, making it impossible to operate and test the circuit.

  • Safety

    The high impedance becomes a far safer option in the extremely improbable scenario of the bench's ground connection being live

ESD Table Manufacturer Bangalore
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