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ESD Flooring Bangalore

ESD Flooring

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring shields electronic devices from harm brought on by the static electricity that builds up while people move around. ESD floors have electrical conductivity and a channel of electricity from the walking surface to the ground thanks to the distribution of conductive materials like carbon, graphite, or metal-coated particles.

The foundation of ESD flooring standards is an ESD flooring/footwear combo. Some ESD floors—but not all—avoid charge production, or the accumulation of static as people move around. Determining the kind of footwear that will be used in the area is crucial. Always test for electrical resistance and charge generation when selecting an ESD flooring in Bangalore.

Using the Right Supplies and Equipment

Our ESD flooring in Hyderabad, which are renowned for their adaptability and toughness, have been accepted as the best in their category by a number of industrialists.

Dissipative and conductive flooring choices are available at Monsoon Modular to choose from, making them the perfect choice for medical facilities, operating rooms, intensive care units, and electrical and high-tech industrial spaces. The range's superior cleaning capabilities, in addition to its anti-static and anti-bacterial qualities, have improved the product's reputation.

Anti Static Flooring Bangalore


ESD floors use conductive materials built into the flooring, which lowers the floor's resistance.

  • Conductive/dissipative Qualities

    ESD floorings offer the best defence by having conductive and dissipative qualities.

  • Comfort with Performance

    ESD floorings promise performance, comfort, and great chemical product resistance.

Anti Static Flooring in Bangalore
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