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ESD Chairs

We offer a selection of tough Volume ESD chairs in Bangalore for the electronics sector under our "Make in India" initiative. Our ESD-safe workplace chairs come in three different materials: fabric, synthetic leather. They provide comfortable seating with ergonomically shaped backrests that encourage excellent posture, lessen tiredness, and improve workplace wellbeing.

The ergonomic design and construction of the ESD Safe Chairs ensure maximum comfort. We provide ESD Safe Chairs at a very competitive price, and the safety and quality of our products meet all international standards.

Using the Right Supplies and Equipment

ESD happens when static electricity builds up on the surface of an object that doesn't conduct electricity. Static electricity builds up when two non-conducting objects are in close proximity to one another for an extended length of time.

When you leave your chair, the static electricity follows you. After that, anything you touch could be shocked, which could cause significant harm.

Luckily, ESD chairs in Bangalore are an excellent first line of defense against static electric discharges. ESD chairs are intended to reduce static electricity buildup and to serve as a ground for the static discharge of any buildups that do occur. We also make ESD chairs in Hyderabad.

 ESD Chairs Bangalore


Special, Ergonomic Stress Free Design, With Large comfortable seating, with thick PU Foam padding.

  • Adjustable height

    Comes with Adjustable height, Foot Rest, Adjustable backrest

  • Fabric

    Static Dissipative Leather/Fabric Upholstery.

  • Anti-Static

    Substantial heavy Duty ABS Base/Chrome Plated Steel Base with Anti-Static castors.

ESD Lab Chairs in Bangalore
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